the hated one

Episode 15 – With “The Hated One – Donations vs. Sponsor, Mobile OS Security, Bitcoin, Listener Questions & More

This episode is a collaborative podcast with the YouTube Personality “The Hated One”. This is our third episode together and we discuss sponsored content versus listener supported, Graphene OS is the most secure phone OS, Bitcoin & the challenges of Blockchain, listener feedback and the challenge of decentralized services. Come along for the conversation! –…

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Episode 13 – Threat Modeling, Hacking Tails and Peer-to-Peer Decentralization / W The Hated One

Closed Ntwrk and The Hated One meet again for another podcast episode! We discus Cwtch, Briar, threat models, and Tails. Subscribe to The Hated One on YouTube – Ways You Can Support The Podcast –¬† Direct Donations and tips on our support page Follow Me On Twitter – Download a Podcast 2.0…

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Episode 12 – Collab with “The Hated One” YouTube Personality

I had the pleasure of speaking with “The Hated One” the popular YouTube personality that has been making videos for several years about privacy, mass surveillance and geo political issues. In this episode we cover the following topics: – Why privacy matters – Paying for privacy – Privacy optimism¬† – Challenges of self hosting –…

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