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Episode 17 – Masked Purchase Strategy, Own Your Domain, iOS VPN Leaks & More

Correction on Tornado CashTornado Cash was a DeFi app for mixing Ethereum. I said on the previous episode that...

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Episode 16 – GrapheneOS – PGPP – IMSI – Privacy – New Tools – New Website – Tornado Cash

Episode 16 catches us up to the newest changes for Closed Network. New website, new domain but same great...

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Episode 15 – With “The Hated One – Donations vs. Sponsor, Mobile OS Security, Bitcoin, Listener Questions & More

This episode is a collaborative podcast with the YouTube Personality “The Hated One”. This is our third episode together...

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Episode 14 – Mobile Phone Update – Proton Buys Simple Login – Utah Privacy Legislation

Mobile Phone Update – Back to using GrapheneOS. Challenges in self hosting, ProtonMail Buys SimpleLogin. Facebook users angry after...

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Episode 13 – Threat Modeling, Hacking Tails and Peer-to-Peer Decentralization / W The Hated One

Closed Ntwrk and The Hated One meet again for another podcast episode! We discus Cwtch, Briar, threat models, and...

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Episode 12 – Collab with “The Hated One” YouTube Personality

I had the pleasure of speaking with “The Hated One” the popular YouTube personality that has been making videos...

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Episode 11 – Security Tips – Apps I Use – 2FA – TOTP

In a time where there are more attacks than ever on your digital accounts, it’s important to know how...

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Episode 10 – Digital Sovereignty With Bitcoin & Self Hosting

– Why it is important to be vigilant about your digital logins and who has access to them. –...

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