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Episode 10 – Digital Sovereignty With Bitcoin & Self Hosting

– Why it is important to be vigilant about your digital logins and who has access to them. –...

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Episode 9 – Data Privacy Day – Privacy RUNDOWN

Data Privacy Day – January 28, 2022 Browsing Safely – TOR, Brave Browser with TOR, Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger...

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Episode 8 – Data Breaches & Privacy – Pixel Pro & 6 – NON KYC BTC

Topics –  – Apple Wallet and Personal Data Storage  – Public Health will start gathering Canadians’ cellphone location data...

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Episode 7 – The State Of Internet Censorship – Mobile Updates & News

Mobile Phone Update, Censorship – TOR & Decentralization  Way You Can Support The Podcast –  Direct Donations and tips...

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Episode 6 – Let’s Talk Privacy, Mobile Phones and Bitcoin

Join us for a laid back conversation with my brother Michael. We discuss mobile phones, Linux, privacy and of...

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Episode 5 – Privacy & Compartmentalization – Using Aliases / Mobile Phone separation

– Separation of personal identity from other identities online. These are referred to as pseudonyms or Nyms. It is...

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Episode 4 – Surveillance Capitalism – Why & How To Protect Your Data – Nextcloud

Please feel free to post a review or make a donation at https://closednetwork.io In this episode we discuss the...

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Episode 3 – Practical Steps To Be More Private And Secure

In this episode I talk about some very simple and practical applications and techniques to start safeguarding your personal...

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