Take Control Of Online Purchases and Subscriptions

How to make online purchases shielding your identity from potential scams and sites that have data leaks.

I recently discussed this as well as a few other topics on Episode 3 of the podcast. I felt that it

If you have been looking for a way to reduce your exposure to the leak or breach of your credit card information then you may want to consider using a service like Privacy.com. I have been using their service for about two years now and I have been extremely satisfied with the product.

What is Privacy.com and why should I take Simon’s word for it?

It is a website that allows you to connect your bank account and utilize it like a virtual debit card. You will have to allow access to your bank account so this is one downside. On the upside, you will have the ability to create one-time use credit cards that you can use without using a real billing address when you make online purchases.

You can also generate virtual cards that have a spending limit on different time intervals. This is particularly useful if you want to set up a subscription service to an application or streaming outlet but you want to make sure you are not over-billed on a given month.

You can also set monthly spending limits for virtual cards for kids to use. This can be a life saver if you let your kids purchase apps and games on their mobile devices.

I’ve been really happy with the service and it’s a great way to shield your financial data in the event of a data breach on a website where your financial data is being stored.

*I have no affiliation with Privacy.com. I’m just a regular person that has been using the service like anyone else.

2 comments on “Take Control Of Online Purchases and Subscriptions

  1. James says:

    I filled everything out, linked mydebit card, and filled out a few cards for merchants that I use. Ive even already told a few ppl about it, but, before I could use it I get this pop up saying they need a picture of my id card for patriot act…… Pricvacy.com started to sound not so private.. I pretty much stopped there, although I really think this is a brilliant app and something I think could really help alot of ppl. Have you heard of Moon virtual cards?

    1. Simon says:

      Due to the AML laws they do need to collect that info unfortunately. The other route I have used is prepaid debit cards paid in cash. I haven’t heard of Moon but I have used MySudo for protected payments but I will have to check that out.

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