Closed Network Privacy Podcast.

Privacy and security podcast focused on the everyday person and using simple tools and techniques to become a smaller target for online attacks. Learn to protect yourself using VPNs, DeGoogled phones, VPNs, TOR, end-to-end encrypted communications, and techniques to help become more private online.


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Episode 12 – Collab with “The Hated One” YouTube Personality

I had the pleasure of speaking with “The Hated One” the popular YouTube personality that has been making videos for several years about privacy, mass surveillance and geo political issues. In this episode we cover the following topics: – Why privacy matters – Paying...

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Episode 11 – Security Tips – Apps I Use – 2FA – TOTP

In a time where there are more attacks than ever on your digital accounts, it’s important to know how to protect yourself against malware, phising attacks, and SIM highjacking. This threat can be greatly reduced by using 2FA or two-factor authentication. Twitter 2FA text...

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Episode 10 – Digital Sovereignty With Bitcoin & Self Hosting

– Why it is important to be vigilant about your digital logins and who has access to them. – Relationships that don’t end well, business relationships and disgruntled friends or family member – How to setup your own self hosting server and why –...

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Episode 9 – Data Privacy Day – Privacy RUNDOWN

Data Privacy Day – January 28, 2022 Browsing Safely – TOR, Brave Browser with TOR, Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger Using a VPN to secure traffic on public networks – iVPN, Proton VPN are wha tI use Password Manager – Yes, I will continue talking...

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Episode 8 – Data Breaches & Privacy – Pixel Pro & 6 – NON KYC BTC

Topics –  – Apple Wallet and Personal Data Storage  – Public Health will start gathering Canadians’ cellphone location data – Canadian Surveillance Concerns  – NON KYC Bitcoin Way You Can Support The Podcast – Direct Donations and tips on our support page Download...

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Episode 7 – The State Of Internet Censorship – Mobile Updates & News

Mobile Phone Update, Censorship – TOR & Decentralization  Way You Can Support The Podcast –  Direct Donations and tips on our support page Download a Podcast 2.0 app. We recommend Breez or Fountain. You can load them up with Bitcoin / Sats and...

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