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Privacy and security podcast focused on the everyday person and using simple tools and techniques to become a smaller target for online attacks. Learn to protect yourself using VPNs, DeGoogled phones, VPNs, TOR, end-to-end encrypted communications, and techniques to help become more private online.


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Episode 19 – Malicious Apps – Note Taking – – Photo Management & Fitness Tracking

For all resources and support please visit Follow on Twitter @ClosedNtwrk Facebook logins compromised from 400 identified apps across Google Play & Apple App Store – Note Taking Applications: Standard Notes, Joplin, Skiff, Nextcloud, Logseq (Currently Apple Only) Photo Management: I’ve been...

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Episode 18 – INVISV PGPP + GrapheneOS + MySudo = Most Private Phone? – – Self Hosting & More

In this episode on the Closed Network Privacy Podcast I talk about how I’ve setup a Google Pixel 3a XL that I purchased in cash and then setup PGPP by INVISIV for a more private focused phone. I also talk about Bitwarden updates with...

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Episode 17 – Masked Purchase Strategy, Own Your Domain, iOS VPN Leaks & More

Correction on Tornado CashTornado Cash was a DeFi app for mixing Ethereum. I said on the previous episode that it was for Bitcoin but I want to be clear that it was being used for Ethereum mixing. Essentially the system worked using smart contracts...

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Episode 16 – GrapheneOS – PGPP – IMSI – Privacy – New Tools – New Website – Tornado Cash

Episode 16 catches us up to the newest changes for Closed Network. New website, new domain but same great taste! Website – Closed Network Private Search – Searx – / New Matrix room for listeners to link up: Store will be...

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Episode 15 – With “The Hated One – Donations vs. Sponsor, Mobile OS Security, Bitcoin, Listener Questions & More

This episode is a collaborative podcast with the YouTube Personality “The Hated One”. This is our third episode together and we discuss sponsored content versus listener supported, Graphene OS is the most secure phone OS, Bitcoin & the challenges of Blockchain, listener feedback and...

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Episode 14 – Mobile Phone Update – Proton Buys Simple Login – Utah Privacy Legislation

Mobile Phone Update – Back to using GrapheneOS. Challenges in self hosting, ProtonMail Buys SimpleLogin. Facebook users angry after accounts locked for no reason Utah To Become The Fourth State to Pass Privacy Legislatio ProtonMail Buys SimpleLogin – vanceD comes...

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