Episode 19 – Malicious Apps – Note Taking – Ente.io – Photo Management & Fitness Tracking

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Facebook logins compromised from 400 identified apps across Google Play & Apple App Store – https://about.fb.com/news/2022/10/protecting-people-from-malicious-account-compromise-apps/

Note Taking Applications: Standard Notes, Joplin, Skiff, Nextcloud, Logseq (Currently Apple Only)

Photo Management: I’ve been using Ente (https://ente.io) for the last couple of weeks and it has been a great solution to sync photos out of Apple and be available for desktop and to access from my Google Pixel 6 Pro running GrapheneOS.

Self Hosted – Photo Prism (Web based solution that runs on your own server) – https://photoprism.app/

Fitness Tracking Apps I will be evaluating – List here: https://medevel.com/12-android-sport-apps-that-respect-your-privacy/

I’m currently using Garmin Connect with my GrpaheneOS Pixel 6 Pro in conjunction with the Garmin Instinct Tactical and Garmin Epix Gen2

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