Episode 18 – INVISV PGPP + GrapheneOS + MySudo = Most Private Phone? – – Self Hosting & More

In this episode on the Closed Network Privacy Podcast I talk about how I’ve setup a Google Pixel 3a XL that I purchased in cash and then setup PGPP by INVISIV for a more private focused phone. I also talk about Bitwarden updates with SimplLogin and Fastmail integration as well as exploring which is…

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Episode 16 – GrapheneOS – PGPP – IMSI – Privacy – New Tools – New Website – Tornado Cash

Episode 16 catches us up to the newest changes for Closed Network. New website, new domain but same great taste! Website – Closed Network Private Search – Searx – / New Matrix room for listeners to link up: Store will be coming online in September – Need to setup a new BTC…

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