Episode 16 – GrapheneOS – PGPP – IMSI – Privacy – New Tools – New Website – Tornado Cash

Episode 16 catches us up to the newest changes for Closed Network. New website, new domain but same great taste!

Website – https://closednetwork.io
Closed Network Private Search – Searx – Closedsearch.io / search.closednetwork.io
New Matrix room for listeners to link up:  https://matrix.to/#/#closedntwrk:matrix.org
Store will be coming online in September – Need to setup a new BTC Pay Server
!! Patreon Launched !! – https://www.patreon.com/closednetwork
Follow Me On Twitter – https://twitter.com/closedntwrk
I’m trying out a new privacy service called “PGPP by INVISV. – https://invisv.com/articles/pretty-good-phone-privacy.html
New Privacy Products

What Is Pretty Good Phone Privacy?

Mobile Network Privacy: Mobile Pro and Mobile Core

Pretty Good Phone Privacy (PGPP) is a fundamentally new type of service that gives you private mobile connectivity. In traditional mobile networks, you are identifiable by your IMSI, a permanent, globally unique identifier that is stored in your SIM card and sent to mobile towers when your phone is on. Because your IMSI never changes, and your phone connects to towers based on location and signal strength, mobile networks can track who you are and where you are located at all times. Because of this, the IMSI leaves an indelible location history, which has been used by mobile providers and numerous others, for virtually every person on the planet. IMSIs are also targeted and captured by third-party attackers using devices known as IMSI catchers, also known as Stingrays, to track a user’s presence and activity in a given location.
Because the IMSI number is tied to the SIM and used during communication with cell towers, it can also be used to track the movements of the user. In that case, the cell towers’ location is used to triangulate your position.
Theoretical experiment I”m going to try.
Purchase a used Pixel with crypto or cash
Register Silent Link eSIM – paid in BTC (after running through Whirlpool)
Install PGPP – register with a prepaid debit card in cash after it’s been sitting for 3-6 months.
Alternatively, one might be able to use a Mint SIM – bought in cash at a Best Buy, and topped up with prepaid cash debit cards.
In The News:

A Single Flaw Broke Every Layer of Security in MacOS An injection flaw allowed a researcher to access all files on a Mac. Apple issued a fix, but some machines may still be vulnerable. https://www.wired.com/story/a-single-flaw-broke-every-layer-of-security-in-macos/

US Treasury bans Tornado Cash mixer for role in crypto money laundering The Treasury cited the mixer’s links to global money laundering and cybercrime https://www.theverge.com/2022/8/8/23296778/us-treasury-tornado-cash-crypto-mixer-sanctions-ethereum-north-korea

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