Episode 10 – Digital Sovereignty With Bitcoin & Self Hosting

– Why it is important to be vigilant about your digital logins and who has access to them.

– Relationships that don’t end well, business relationships and disgruntled friends or family member

– How to setup your own self hosting server and why

– Don’t be intimidated to run a server. It’s easier than you may think. 

– Rasberry Pi 

– Power adapter

– SD Card

– 4 TB external portable HD 

– SD Card USB dongle to flash Umbrel onto – https://getumbrel.com/

– Benefits of running a full bitcoin node

– When you run a Bitcoin node, you bolster security and enhance your privacy. Also, running a node enables you to prove that nobody manipulates the network or changes the rules.

– Creating transactions with your Bitcoin node can enhance security by eliminating or reducing the need to expose private keys. 

– What’s more, running a Bitcoin node enables you to complete and broadcast transactions from it, thereby avoiding services that can compromise personal information. A node eliminates the use of a block explorer in verifying a transaction status. A block explorer allows a third party to track transaction history while linking it to an IP address. Thus, it can leak physical location details, Bitcoin balance, and financial counter-parties. Running a Bitcoin node can help you avoid such issues.

Key Senators Have Voted For The Anti-Encryption EARN IT Act


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