Episode 17 – Masked Purchase Strategy, Own Your Domain, iOS VPN Leaks & More

Correction on Tornado Cash
Tornado Cash was a DeFi app for mixing Ethereum. I said on the previous episode that it was for Bitcoin but I want to be clear that it was being used for Ethereum mixing. Essentially the system worked using smart contracts to send and receive ethereum.
When you deposit your funds, it issues a receipt to withdraw the same amount. It breaks the chain of ownership or anonymize your funds by breaking the connection to the original wallet.
So because the US Treasury has sanctioned the use of Tornado Cash then anyone who has received any ethereum could be sanctioned. But Tornado Cash is still functioning because it runs on the block-chain and is accessible via IPFS network. IPFS is a peer-to-peer (p2p) storage network. Content is accessible through peers located anywhere in the world, that might relay information, store it, or do both. IPFS knows how to find what you ask for using its content address rather than its location.

There are three fundamental principles to understanding IPFS:

– Unique identification via content addressing
– Content linking via directed acyclic graphs (DAGs)
– Content discovery via distributed hash tables (DHTs)

These three principles build upon each other to enable the IPFS ecosystem. Let’s start with content addressing and the unique identification of content.
Mental Outlaw Breakdown Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7gaqhF-wrQ

Benefits of owning your own domain 
  – Less likely to be blacklisted from using email for services
  – You own your domain and can always move your email to any other service
  – You can create custom email addresses for friends and family
  – It’s cool AF

Matrix Chat Room Topics:
  – PGPP / GrapheneOS
  – Anon / Sudo Anon Purchasing Options
  – Contact Management / Protonmail – Doesn’t encrypt the contact data during upload, could impact your social graph association

iOS Leaks data even when using a VPN
  – Originally Reported by ProtonMail – https://protonvpn.com/blog/apple-ios-vulnerability-disclosure/
  – Ongoing Research – Michael Horowitz – https://www.michaelhorowitz.com/VPNs.on.iOS.are.scam.php  

Reset your password now! Plex suffers data breach

Last Pass Data Breach

No signs of encrypted vaults seem to be impacted. Hackers did get access to source code. Use open source applications whenever possible. 

Leaked Docs Show Spyware Firm Offering iOS, Android Hacking Services for $8 Million

Link Here

Enjoy the “Session Tapes” on their YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/OxenNetwork

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