Episode 20 – Keeping a pulse and having a plan. It’s cool & fun to be different.

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Entering a season where we will be spending time with friends and family, let’s talk about Privacy & Security.

It’s hard not to talk about politics when it comes to “Privacy” related matters.

A war on centralized services and content moderation.

Turkey’s New Disinformation Law Spells Trouble For Free Expression

** This episode is a bit of a ramble brain dump.

  • Visited Guadalajara for a week. – why they all use Whats App – Still using plans limited by minutes and texts.
  • Tested INVISIV PGPP out of the country
  • Tested Silent Link out of the Country
  • Twitter Drama – Why Mastodon?
  • BTCPayServer.PodServer/v0.1.0 (PodServer allows you to self-host your podcast and earn sats via the Podcasting 2.0 features. ⚡️

Enjoy censorship resistance: You are in control of the feed and files! 💪

v0.1.0 is the initial release 🥳
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