Episode 3 – Practical Steps To Be More Private And Secure

In this episode I talk about some very simple and practical applications and techniques to start safeguarding your personal information. These can be implemented on day 1 of your privacy journey. 

I discuss the following:
– Securing purchasing transactions with the use of https://privacy.com
– Implementing “sudo” profiles with virtual phone numbers, email and text using https://mysudo.com
– Using an email aliasing tool called Simple Login to avoid the spam train after signing up for services – https://simplelogin.io
– Setting up a password manager to manage all your logins to websites so that you never use the same password on more than one website. I talk briefly about KeyPass and 1Password but I’m currently using Bitwarden because you can self host it if you desire. – https://bitwarden.com

I also discovered a great podcast on the same topic called “Opt Out” and I have been really enjoying it so I wanted to share that as well. – https://www.optoutpod.com

I have no affiliation with any of the services I have mentioned. This is purely my opinion and I may change in the future and if I do I will be sure to discuss that on the podcast.

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