Episode 15 – With “The Hated One – Donations vs. Sponsor, Mobile OS Security, Bitcoin, Listener Questions & More

This episode is a collaborative podcast with the YouTube Personality “The Hated One”. This is our third episode together and we discuss sponsored content versus listener supported, Graphene OS is the most secure phone OS, Bitcoin & the challenges of Blockchain, listener feedback and the challenge of decentralized services. Come along for the conversation!

– We need the freedom to point out the flaws in any product
– Privacy is always evolving
– Taking listener questions
– Why is GrapheneOS so much more secure than other operating systems?
– The Hated One and Closed Ntwrk Spar on disagreement over Android privacy
– Closed Ntwrk explains the difference between CalyxOS and GrapheneOS
– The Hated One and Closed Ntwrk go to war with each other over blockchain and cryptocurrency
– Closed Ntwrk defends blockchain decentralization
– The Hated One doesn’t believe blockchain is the solution
– Explaining why Odysee doesn’t solve the problem of centralized platforms
– We should strive towards a permissionless system without blockchain
– Closed Ntwrk calls The Hated one’s bullshit on Lightening Network (LOL)
The hated One Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/thehatedone
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