Episode 5 – Privacy & Compartmentalization – Using Aliases / Mobile Phone separation

– Separation of personal identity from other identities online. These are referred to as pseudonyms or Nyms. It is important to create different online Nyms to protect your personal identity and reduce your attack vectors. Create different accounts to use for social media, online shopping profiles (Use Privacy.com for purchases) and any other web service or streaming service accounts. YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE YOUR REAL NAME. I want everyone to get into the habit of using garbage info. You can easily keep track of all these accounts inside your Password manager, I suggest using KeypassXC or Bitwarden for a cloud password manager.

– Using VPNs can greatly reduce your tracking vector and increase surveillance from your ISP
– Create separate email accounts or at a minimum eamil aliases for these Nyms. The next step would also be to have separate names and associating phone numbers.
– Phone number sources: 
– MySudo
– Google Voice
– Twilio – Mike Bazzel link – https://inteltechniques.com/blog/2021/10/15/the-privacy-security-osint-show-episode-238/
– Email Services:
– Simple Login – https://simplelogin.io/
– Protonamil – Create aliases – https://protonmail.com/
– Tutanota Email – aliases – https://protonmail.com/
– MySudo (can also handle phone numbers) – https://mysudo.com/
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New Developments:
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Ted Talk – Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcSlowAhvUk
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