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Episode 7 – The State Of Internet Censorship – Mobile Updates & News

Mobile Phone Update, Censorship – TOR & Decentralization¬† Way You Can Support The Podcast –¬† Direct Donations and tips on our support page Download a Podcast 2.0 app. We recommend Breez or Fountain. You can load them up with Bitcoin / Sats and stream sats to the podcast. – NEWPODCASTAPPS.COM Leave a review…

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Episode 6 – Let’s Talk Privacy, Mobile Phones and Bitcoin

Join us for a laid back conversation with my brother Michael. We discuss mobile phones, Linux, privacy and of course Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Kick back and relax and hangout while we have some pointed conversations around Michael’s experience using CalyxOS on a Google Pixel 4 XL and his journey to a more private digital life….

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Episode 5 – Privacy & Compartmentalization – Using Aliases / Mobile Phone separation

– Separation of personal identity from other identities online. These are referred to as pseudonyms or Nyms. It is important to create different online Nyms to protect your personal identity and reduce your attack vectors. Create different accounts to use for social media, online shopping profiles (Use for purchases) and any other web service…

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