Episode 3 – Practical Steps To Be More Private And Secure

In this episode I talk about some very simple and practical applications and techniques to start safeguarding your personal information. These can be implemented on day 1 of your privacy journey.    I discuss the following: – Securing purchasing transactions with the use of – Implementing “sudo” profiles with virtual phone numbers, email and…

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Episode 2 – iPhone to de-Googled Phones – GrapheneOS

In this episode I have a conversation with my brother about his journey switching from an iPhone to a Google Pixel running a de-Googled operating system called GrapheneOS. We discuss the challenges and new found excitement for unplugging from the corporate marketing engine. We touch on the switch to Linux from Mac OS and what…

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Episode 1 – Podcast Introduction – Privacy, Security, Mobile Devices and Your Identity

Hello, my name is Simon and this is my first podcast on privacy and security. My goal is to cover a lot in a short episode on what topics I will be covering so you will know if this is the type of podcast you will be interested in. If you want to know more…

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